ARES - EFCS Circuit - M4 Rear Wire

50,00 €

Electronic Firing Control System designed for EFCS gearbox cases.

The EFCS unit with built in MOSFET chip offers many desirable features like increased trigger response and smooth action, elimination of incomplete or overextended gear-cycles and lock-ups, and changeable firing modes all paired with reliability. It is said to work with voltages up to 15V, 30A, granting LiPo compatibility. EFCS work is not affected by dust or lubricants used in the gearbox.

1) 3rd generation EFCS
2) Gearbox protection system
3) Gear sensor
4) Electronics trigger system
5) Suitable for Ares EFCS series and Amoeba M4 series
6) Able to withstand high firing current to around 30A

- EFCS Circuit
- Wiring with MOSFET for M4 series replicas with battery in stock
- Custom M4 selector plate
- Other assembly parts