M180 C2 Shotgun - M4 stock type

25,00 €


  • Type of fire: single
  • Lenght: 670 / 760mm
  • Velocity: 265 fps
  • weight:1.400 gr 
  • Hop Up : yes
  • Inner barrel: 240mm

New wersion of the replica made of durable ABS. Set includes four shells, wich are used as 6 mm BB's magazine. Initial velocity allow's for use as trening tool at field exercise. In addition replica has hop up unit wich increases accuracy and overall efective range of the shotgun. RIS rail system allow's for use of scopes, sight's, lasers and much more accessories wich are dedicated for 22 mm RIS rail mount. Floading stock type m4 allow's for adjusting it's lenght according to user preference.


     Set includes:

- M180C2
- Flashlight
- Scope