SW-020T Carbine

220,00 €

SW-020T Carbine Replica - Olive Drab

Material, metal o plástico
Longitud del cañón: 320 mm
Longitud total: 610 mm
Peso: 2800g
Color: verde oliva
Caja de cambios: v3
Velocidad: 400 FPS
Hop-Up: es ajustable
Tipo de revista: Hi-cap
Capacidad del cargador: 330 bolas


Bull-pup guns (sometimes referred to as non-stocks) have a long tradition and as many enthusiasts as they have skeptics. One of the advantages of this type of a construction, however, is hard to undermine - it is the ability to use a really long and effective barrel, while maintaining relatively compact dimensions of the rifle itself. You can also not forget about the aesthetic value - bull-pups are simply distinctive and can not be mistaken for anything else.

Like the real steel original, the replica"s receiver was made of strong polymer plastic. Metal was used to produce the entire front of the replica, as well as some minor items such as the ejector flap or the birdcage.

Both the rear and the front of the replica are equipped with metal swivels for attaching of a tactical sling. Access to the hop up control knob is pretty standard and can be obtained after pulling up the handle and exposing the ejector window. The handle can be locked in the backwards position. What is characteristic in this design of a rifle is that the the ejector windows are on both sides so that the gun, thus ensuring that a left-handed user will have as convenient access to the system as a right-handed one. The birdcage was mounted on a 14mm, CCW thread.

The replica"s battery fits inside the stock (not a very correct wording maybe, but let"s stick to it for the moment being) and the battery compartment can be easily accessed by removing the rubber pad at the rear. No tools are needed for this, as it is fastened by the hand. It also takes only a few seconds to take the gun apart into two parts - for easy transportation or to gain access to the hop-up chamber and the inner barrel. All you have to do is press the metal stem/lock and slide out the fire selector, then just pull the gun apart.

The replica has two RIS rails; one at the top, equipped with sights, and another short one with an attached front grip.

The carbine has a two-stage trigger. A short pull on the trigger results in a single shot, while a deeper and stronger one will cause the gun to fire in full auto. The safety swithc is located right next to the trigger and can be operated from both sides.

The replica is equipped with a rapid spring exchange system which allows for a minimum of time to replace the main spring. There is no need to pull out the gearbox and unscrew the entire construction: just take off the stock, unscrew the plastic plug, and then remove the guide together with the spring through the hole in the rear of the gearbox. This system enables quick and efficient adaptation of the replica"s power to the conditions expected on the airsoft battlefield, without the need to have access to a workshop or a range of specialized tools. We can now easily guarantee a perfect compromise between fire efficiency and personal safety - and, what"s maybe even more important, the safety of others.

The replica is equipped with a metal hi-cap magazine which can hold up to 330 BBs.

The kit does not contain a battery nor a charger.

The kit includes:

- the replica
- a magazine
- a front grip
- the user"s manual