VFC-Avalon Leopard Carbine Replica - Black

493,00 €

Avalon Leopard Carbine Replica

The newest series of Avalon assault rifle replicas by the acclaimed Vega Force Company band is the result of a union between perfect external craftsmanship and equally superb insides. The care for details can be easily noticed in every element - starting with the tip of the flash hider up till the stock pad. Avalon replicas were made with the top shelf of the airsoft market in mind.

Leopard series was additionally equipped with a MONSTER handguard - a proprietary design of VFC. It is made using precise CNC technology and high-quality aluminum covered with an anodized coating that meets special military standards of live firearms.

The replica’s construction is, of course, full metal (aluminum alloy), with an addition of steel elements such as the flash hider, shell ejection window flap, stock slide ring or manipulators. The receiver bears effective Avalon Weapons Works markings along with Monster series logo.Parts made from reinforced polymer include the QRS pistol grip with anti-slip, rough texture, trigger guard and adjustable, telescopic stock. 

The subject of the stock requires more consideration, because in Avalon replicas a copyright, patented by VFC QRS (Quick Response System) stock was used, this time in a pop-up version. The QRS stock stores a battery, has tactical sling swivels and a comfortable stock pad. No tools whatsoever are required in order to gain access to the inside of the stock in order to attach the battery. The stock was made from high-quality, strong polymer and features a new type length adjustment lever.

Other interesting external elements in Avalon replicas include:

QRS Thumb rest trigger guard
double-sided fire mode selector
Crusader double-sided and enlarged charging handle

Access to the hop-up chamber is gained after pulling back the charging handle, much enjoyment provides also an operational bolt catch mechanism. 

The replica features a long, top RIS 22 mm mounting rail and a modular KeyMod Monster Rail handguard. This allows to mount a wide array of additional attachments on the replica, starting with optical sights, through grips and tactical lighting and ending up with laser sights.

The heart and an essential element of all Avalon replicas is an excellently fitted and carefully designed ECS Avalon gearbox! ECS Avalon Features:

ECS skeleton
- integrated MOSFET
- reinforced piston with special materials and aluminum CNC head
- special type, very light cylinder
steel, bearing-mounted ECS spring slide 
Ultra High-Speed 8 mm ball bearings
- set of steel High-Speed gears 
Competition Vertical Trigger 
- aluminum CNC nozzle
reinforced tappet plate
temperature-resistant contacts
- quick spring change system

The replica comes with a polymer, mid-cap QRS magazine with a capacity of up to 120 BBs.

The replica is packed in a solid transport case made from polymer that safeguards it during transport and allows to safely deliver equipment to airsoft battlefield.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

- replica
- magazine
- Keymod compatible RIS rail x 3
- flip-up iron sights