Tokyo Marui - AA12 - Full Auto TriShot Automatic Electric Shotgun

580,00 €

Model: AA12 Full Auto TriShot Automatic Electric Shotgun 
Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui 
Caliber: 6 mm 
Magazine Capacity: 90+3
Overall length: 839 mm 
Drive: Electric 
Material: ABS, metal 
Velocity: 260 fps 
Hop Up: Yes, adjustable 
Fire selector: Yes - auto - semi (no marked at fire selector) 
Suitable battery: Mini Ni-MH 8,4V, LiPo 7,4V 
Weight: 4150 g 

- Three cylinder dedicated mechanical gearbox to allow 3 rounds to be launched simultaneously 
- Self-lubricating anodized Kashima Coat at nozzles for smooth loading of every three shots even in full auto mode 
- Full / semi-automatic switching 
- FET mounted: the burden on the switch unit due to both the simultaneous firing and full auto firing of BB bullet 3 rounds is reduced by adopting the FET (Electronic Switch Method). Also improves the response after pulling the trigger 
- Metal inner frame that covers the whole mechanism for extended rigidity 
- Triple adjustable HopUp 
- Adjustable sights 
- Box type magazine with a capacity of 90 shots 

CAUTION: Use only with Ni-MH 8,4V or LiPo 7,4V battery, stronger models will be blocked by FET and may damage the gearbox. 

In the box: 
- Replica 
- Magazine 
- Charging rod 
- Cleaning rod 
- BB bullets 
- HopUp adjustment tool 
- Manual